Commission Pricing & Information

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Please see the Terms of Service to fully understand rights and legality.

Read all the information and ready to set up a commission, or have questions? Email me at


✔️I can draw:

  • Furry/Anthro/Aliens
  • Mecha/Biomechs/Bionicle
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy, most genres
  • Some Fanart (dependent)

❌I do not draw:

  • Heavy fetishes, dehumanization, objectification
  • Extreme violence, gore, torture
  • Political, hate symbolism, discrimination
  • Offensive toward groups, cultures, sexualities, genders

Do not hesitate to ask questions or if there is something you may need that’s not been on this listing, among other possible accommodations!

Currently, I focus primarily on character design for independent clients. If you are interested in hiring me for contract work or longer-term projects, that info and pricing are separate.

Will require a written agreement before the piece is started. Payment will be handled through Paypal invoices. See Terms of Service for more information.

- Susannah Livengood