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Please see the Terms of Service (after pricing and art examples) to understand rights and legality fully.

I am available for individual commissions, contract work, larger-scale projects, and inquiries about buying the rights to specific artworks.
NOTE: commercial work or buying rights have separate pricing.

Do not hesitate to ask questions or if you need something not on this listing, among other possible accommodations! I do my best to be flexible and helpful.

Since my art has a lot of variety and styles--costs will vary. These prices are merely rough quotes and are NOT 100% final. Different styles, details, edits, and client needs will affect this. This is used to get a basic idea and to understand the time/costs in different stages.

I usually try to respond within 48 hours. If you do not hear a response from me, attempt it again or reach out to me on a social platform in case the email somehow was flagged.

Initial price quotes are subject to change without warning.

Ready to hire/commission me? Please email me at

- Susannah Livengood



  • The artist (Susannah Livengood/SueDraws) retains all rights to the work produced unless otherwise negotiated.
  • The artist reserves the right to refuse service to a client for any reason.
  • The artist may give advice, suggestions, or ideas so that the art/characters clearly and can realistically convey the client's expectations and vision.
  • The artist must be treated professionally and respectfully. Any form of bigotry, rudeness, or indecency will terminate services with the artist.
  • The artist may showcase commission and project work on their website and social media accounts.
  • The artist sometimes deals with long-term chronic illness flare-ups, which could slow commission work output at times. It is the artist's responsibility to communicate delays or health-related setbacks. The artist cannot control these flare-ups but will do their best to work within appropriate deadlines and needs.


  • The client (you) retains all rights to the characters depicted. It is the client's responsibility to ensure they have permission on who/what is being portrayed.
  • Regarding approved fan art, characters depicted are retained by the original owners, neither the artist nor the client.
  • All commission work at any stage is NOT ALLOWED in any AI generators. The client (or others) can NOT upload art in AI-related programs or websites.
  • The client may use the work freely for non-profit purposes, such as icons and backgrounds for personal use. Credit the artist (SueDraws) when able.
  • Besides cropping and approved edits, the client may not modify the work. Watermarks may NOT be cropped or removed.
  • Please ensure commission work themes/styles/subjects align with the artist's styling and skillsets. Not everything may be realistic or achievable.
  • The client may not profit from the work at any time, such as types of mass production like prints, stickers, and pins.
  • The client is the only individual, besides the artist, with the right to post the work. The client may not grant permission to others.
  • The client may negotiate with the artist to modify these terms on a case-by-case basis (such as buying exclusive rights to the work).


  • Clients have to email to discuss work unless otherwise stated or arranged.
  • Before agreeing to terms and payment, the client must ensure all information is accurate and precise. The artist will work with the client to minimize miscommunication and confusion.
  • Share concise and understandable descriptions of the characters. Reference images are required. Examples include art created previously, helpful references, mood boards, color palettes, and related.
  • If the client lacks clear images and descriptions, the artist can work with the client to create a solid design. Note that it could raise the cost of the commission; it takes extra time and effort.
  • The artist will send regular updates as the art progresses and work with the client to ensure satisfaction and quality.


  • Accepted forms of payment currently include Paypal, Venmo, Ko-Fi, Stripe, or other reputable transaction companies. Payment is generally accepted in USD (United States Dollar).
  • An email invoice will be sent with the agreed payment source after agreeing to all these terms. Full payment is required upfront unless otherwise agreed. Payment splits can be negotiated with commissions over $200.
  • Unless otherwise communicated and planned, clients who fail to pay their invoice within 72 hours may have their commission order canceled.
  • The client will receive two (2) practical rounds of revision during the thumbnail stage, two (2) for sketching, and two (2) more during the final process. Further changes or complex modifications will incur fees.
  • After the agreement, the client may be fiscally responsible for revisions due to incomplete or incorrect information.
  • The work is non-refundable after completion. Refunds may be discussed during the thumbnail stage but not past seven (7) days.
  • Tips are accepted and appreciated but not required.

✔️I will draw:

  • Furry, Anthro, Aliens
  • Mecha, Biomech, Bionicle
  • Sci-fi, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, and most genres
  • Some Fanart (dependent)

❌I do not draw:

  • Certain fanart that could risk copyright infringement
  • Heavy fetishes, dehumanization, objectification
  • Extreme violence, gore, torture
  • Political, hate symbolism, discrimination
  • Offensive toward groups, cultures, sexualities, genders, minorities, religions, etc