Commission Pricing & Information

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Please see the Terms of Service to fully understand rights and legality.

Currently, I focus primarily on character design for independent clients. If you are interested in hiring me for contract work or longer-term projects, that info and pricing is separate.

Note that these quotes can vary. Complexity, extra characters, and posing may also raise the cost due to more workload. Having me handle the character design or other developments (or if you lack enough info and reference images) can also be extra.

🔹Portraits: Sketch - $20 // Color $40 // Painting $75

Close-up that focuses on the character in fair detail, roughly head to shoulders. Great for profile icons, personality showcasing, or if you enjoy my ‘person facing left’ painting style.

🔹Half Body - Sketch $40 // Color $70 // Painting $120

A middle ground between portrait and full body. Often waist-up. Good to share a character’s aesthetic and mood. Ideal for more illustrated/action-based pieces.

🔹Full Body - Sketch $65 // Color $110

Head to toe, where full body is mostly viewed. Due to time constraints, cannot be heavily rendered, but perfect to clearly view a character’s design and appearance.
*I currently am not accepting detailed painting requests for this category

🔹Character Sheets - $150

Comprehensive sheet for almost all aspects of your character. Basic coloring included. Features 2-3 costumes or turnarounds, facial expressions, and color palettes. Can also include extras like equipment, close-ups on details, descriptions, and other related. May be divided into separate images.

🔹DnD/MMO/OC groups - $200 ~ $400+

For larger groups of characters (3+). Can either be a lineup or group shot. Cleaned line art, fully colored, like the sheets or full body style. Not suitable for action-oriented illustrations with complex backgrounds.
This section is currently reserved only for patrons and friends.

✔️I can draw:

  • Furry/Anthro/Aliens
  • Mecha/Biomechs/Bionicle
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy, most genres
  • Some Fanart (dependent)

❌I do not draw:

  • Heavy fetishes/kinks
  • Extreme violence/gore
  • Political

Do not hesitate to ask questions or if there is something you may need that’s not be on this listing, among other possible accommodations!

Will require a written agreement before the piece is started. Payment will be handled through Paypal invoices. See Terms of Service for more information.

- Susannah Livengood


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