About & Contact Info

Susannah Livengood is an illustrator and concept artist based in the USA; she's currently couch surfing between the south and east states. Primarily self-taught, Sue focuses on character design, illustration, portraiture, storytelling, and creative writing.

Sue's content is primarily original work with some fan art scattered throughout. Media such as Guild Wars 2, Ghost in the Shell, Bionicle, Elden Ring, Studio Ghibli, and others are sources of inspiration. Sue values the importance of variety, experimentation, adapting, learning, and the never-ending journey to grow alongside her works.

Sue's origins online stretch back to around 2005. Known initially as Lady Kopaka [later briefly Lady Kaguya] in a LEGO community, she was well-known for her art and holds an expanded and dedicated following today. In addition, Sue was known for her creative writings, one of which became canon in the BIONICLE storyline and another fanfiction novel that earned acclaim.

Fast forward, Sue can thank the quirky niche community for helping her find a purpose--creating inspiring art, sharing fantastical stories, and interacting positively with others. Between friends' and followers' support, she has been able to weather various challenges and setbacks.

On the side, Sue has also worked as an art teacher, grocery clerk, community manager, and occasional nanny. She enjoys getting lost in the woods in her free time, zoning out with music, playing video games, being an overzealous mom friend, and volunteering locally when possible. She likely became a reclusive witch/druid hermit and folk singer-songwriter in an alternate universe.

Susannah also focuses on education and awareness of chronic illnesses, mental health, rare diseases, and anything to do with self-care and improvement. She does her best to be a positive and helpful influence among friends and communities and her sense of personal growth. 

Sue also uses the moniker "Sue Drawl" (get it?!) for her personal life, creative writing, and blogging. However, that is still a work in progress.