Terms of Service

If you have a question, need further explanations, or require accommodations, you are more than welcome to contact me at any time (contact@suedraws.com).

Currently, I focus primarily on character design for independent clients. However, if you are interested in hiring me for contract work or longer-term projects, that info and pricing are separate.


  • The artist (Susannah Livengood/SueDraws) retains all rights to the work produced unless otherwise negotiated.

  • The artist reserves the right to refuse service to a client for any reason.

  • The artist may give advice, suggestions, or ideas so that the art/characters clearly and can realistically convey the client’s expectations and envision.

  • The artist can have some form of creative liberty and say while respectful to the client's needs.


  • The client (you) retains all rights to the characters depicted. It is the client's responsibility to assure they have permission on who/what is being portrayed.

  • Regarding approved fan art, characters depicted are retained by the original owners, neither the artist nor the client.

  • The client must treat the artist fairly and respectfully. Any form of bigotry, rudeness, or indecency will terminate services with the artist.

  • Besides the use of cropping, the client may not modify the work in any way. Watermarks may NOT be cropped or removed.

  • The client may use the work freely for non-profit purposes. Such as icons, profiles, and prints for personal use. Credit the artist (SueDraws) when able.

  • The client may not profit from the work at any time. Such as types of mass production like prints, stickers, and pins.

  • The client is the only individual, besides the artist, with the right to post the work. The client may not grant permission to others.

  • The client may negotiate with the artist to modify these terms on a case-by-case basis (such as buying exclusive rights to the work).


  • Clients have to email contact@suedraws.com to discuss work unless otherwise stated.

  • The client must ensure all information is accurate and clear before agreeing to terms and payment. The artist will work with the client to minimize miscommunication and confusion.

  • Share concise and understandable descriptions of the characters. Reference images are required. Examples include art created previously, helpful references, mood boards, color palettes, and any images to assist the artist.

  • If the client lacks clear images and descriptions, the artist can work with the client to create a solid design. Note that will raise the cost of the commission; it takes extra time and effort on the artist.

  • The artist will send regular updates as the art progresses and work with the client to ensure satisfaction and quality.


  • An email invoice will be sent via PayPal after agreeing to these terms. Full payment is required upfront unless otherwise agreed. Payment splits can be negotiated with commissions over $300.

  • Clients who fail to pay their invoice within 72 hours may have their commission order canceled.

  • The client will receive two (2) practical rounds of revision during the thumbnail stage, two (2) for sketch, and two (2) more during the final process. Further changes or complex modifications will incur fees.

  • Tips are appreciated and accepted but not required.

  • The client may be fiscally responsible for revisions due to incomplete or incorrect information after the agreement.

  • The work is non-refundable after completion. Refunds may be discussed during the thumbnail stage but not past seven (7) days.

✔️I will draw:

  • Furry, Anthro, Aliens
  • Mecha, Biomech, Bionicle
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy, most genres
  • Some Fanart (dependent)

❌I do not draw:

  • Heavy fetishes, dehumanization, objectification
  • Extreme violence, gore, torture
  • Political, hate symbolism, discrimination
  • Offensive toward groups, cultures, sexualities, genders