Star Trek Trinities - Main Cast Portraits

Star Trek Trinities showcases some of my original characters in a fun crossover project. While not all characters are included, I may add a few more later! I went for a more 'realistic' approach to these vs my other styles.

This project was a delightful break from work, created alongside some friends. We imagined a "made-up" Star Trek series documenting the adventures and stories of three major groups: the U.S.S. Aurora, U.S.S. Fair Haven, and Space Station Éire.

We've talked about making it a roleplay and/or tabletop, but life is busy for all of us.

I integrated characters from my main original project, infusing hints of Irish culture into the Star Trek universe. It was a blast to envision who would fit into this world, how they might differ, and their unique roles.

June 4, 2024