1. The artist retains all rights to the work produced unless otherwise negotiated.
  2. The artist reserves the right to refuse service or terminate service to a client for any reason.


  1. The client retains all rights to the characters depicted.
    1. In the case of fan art, the rights to the characters depicted are retained by the original owners, neither the artist nor the client.
  2. The client may use the work freely for personal, non-profit use.
  3. The client may not profit off of the work in any way.
  4. The client is the only individual, besides the artist, with the right to post the work. The client may not grant permission to others.
  5. The client may not modify the work.
    1. The client may crop the artwork for icons, profiles, banners, etc. without prior permission with credit to the artist where possible.
  6. The client may negotiate with the artist to modify these terms on a case by case basis (such as buying exclusive rights to the work).


  1. The artist must be contacted at contact@suedraws.com to discuss work.
  2. All official communication regarding commission work being commissioned will be conducted via email.
  3. The client must ensure all information regarding the work given is clear and correct before work is started. The client is fiscally responsible for revisions due to incomplete or incorrect information.

  1. The client will be sent an email invoice via Paypal.
  2. The client must pay in full before work can begin.
  3. Clients who fail to pay their invoice within 72 hours may have their commission order cancelled.


  1. All work is non-refundable.
  2. The client will receive two (2) rounds of revision during the sketch phase of the process at no charge.
  3. Revisions that occur after the sketch phase may incur additional charges.