Want to find ways to support me?

I always appreciate those who enjoy my art and even more if you want to be supportive! Whether that's financially or just getting my name out there, I'm very grateful! There's actually a bunch of ways to support me (and applies to any artist you follow).

    Free ways to support:

    • Follow, subscribe, etc!
    • Likes, reblogs, retweets, sharing.
    • Don't repost art without permission! It's generally frowned upon. Link directly to the artist's website/social platform.
    • Leave comments and appropriate feedback when possible! It really means a lot!
    • Tell your friends and family who could be interested about me! Word of mouth goes a long way!

    Financial ways to support:

    • Support me on Patreon! One dollar to anything up means a lot!
    • Treat me to some coffee/give me a tip via ko-fi!
    • Commission me! (read below)


    My Terms of Service can be found here (very important!): http://suedraws.com/tos

    If you want some art personally done by me for you, I do normally accept commissions. My availability changes a lot, so the best way to know is just to ask via email (contact@suedraws.com). For the actual pricing:

    • SKETCH:

      • Headshot $10 / Waist-Up $15 / Fullbody $25


      • Headshot $20 / Waist-Up $30 / Fullbody $45

    • PAINTED:

      • Headshot $35 / Waist-Up $45 / Fullbody $60

    • SCENERY:

      • Gradient $FREE / Landscape;City;Room;etc $VARIES

    Only up to 2 (two) characters per commission, excluding companion animals/creatures/misc. Second character is 25% off. For scenery/landscape focused paintings, I do not have an estimate on those and go case-by-case.

    Please note prices are in USD and are estimates. You must email me to get an accurate quote OR fill out this form (it's whatever you prefer!).